Helping students understand the importance of wheat

Looking to help your class gain an understanding of the role wheat plays in our everyday lives? You’ve come to the right place. This site is your access point to nutritional information, classroom tools, kid-friendly recipes, and more! Use the following links to access information on a variety of topics. In addition, Nebraska Wheat has material available for you to use in your classrooms, free of charge. Just contact our office and let us know which items you’d like. Any materials listed on our website can be copied, printed or reproduced for educational purposes. Looking for information on a topic and can’t find it here? Contact our office (402-471-2358) and we’ll do our best to help you.

  • Nutrition Facts:  this page breaks down the benefits of wheat and grains in your diet.
  • Flour Milling Process:  this PDF diagram explains how wheat kernels become the flour used to make many different types of food.
  • Story of Wheat:  this PDF booklet tells the story of wheat from field to food with activity pages, coloring pages and diagrams. It’s best suited for grades 3-5.
  • Wheat from Field to Flour:  this PDF booklet is a detailed narrative of wheat’s history, research process, production, transportation and milling. It’s best suited for Jr. and Sr. High students.
  • Wheat Quiz:  this fun interactive PDF is best used digitally and lets your students test their wheat knowledge. It includes a True/False quiz and a multiple choice quiz.

Informational cards available for free from NWB include:

  • Wheat Seed Card (will include a small ziplock bag with wheat seeds for planting)
  • My Plate, grains in the diet card
  • Gluten info card
  • How to spot a fad diet card

Additional Education Resources include:

  • Wheat Foods Council:  wheat information written by nutritionists for nutritionists, trainers, physicians, educators and consumers.
  • Home Baking Association:  fun baking activities to do with  your classroom or children at home