2022-2023 Wheat Reports

12/01/2023 – Jeff Ruggles, Nebraska Wheat Growers Association President, joins us this week to talk about the association and their upcoming annual meeting. Listen here!

11/25/2023 – Kent Lorens, chairman of the NWB, shares information on the recent U.S. Wheat Associates and National Association of Wheat Growers joint fall meeting in Cincinnati, OH. Listen here!

11/17/2023 – Royce Schaneman, executive director of the NWB, joins us to discuss his recent crop quality tour to South Africa, Kenya, and Nigeria. Listen here!

11/10/2023 – Chris Kirby, executive director of the Home Baking Association, joins us for this week’s report. Listen here!

11/03/2023 – Chris Cullen, board member with NU Horizon Genetics, shares more about the purpose of the NU Horizon Genetics organization. Listen here!

10/27/2023 – Jake Westlin with the National Association of Wheat Growers joins us this week to share a policy update from Washington D.C. He explains how the new House speaker will impact the Farm Bill. Listen here!

10/20/2023 – Nebraska Dry Pea and Lentil Commission board member, Tyler Hughes, recaps his growing season with wheat and yellow peas. He also previews what the next few months will look like to prepare for the 2024 growing season. Listen here!

10/14/2023 – Dr. Jeff Bradshaw with the Doctor of Plant Health Program shares more about his work on the Great Plains Wheat Sawfly Survey. Listen here!

10/07/2023 – NWB member, Mary Eisenzimmer, recaps this year’s wheat crop and previews a few things coming up for the Nebraska Wheat Board. Listen here!

09/30/2023 – Royce Schaneman shares more about the work of Plains Grains, Inc., better known as PGI. The organization gathers quality and production data from the HRW crop and helps market the crop to buyers. Listen here!

09/23/2023 – Mark Spurgin was recently appointed as the At-Large board member for the Nebraska Wheat Board. Spurgin shares details about what he can contribute to the NWB. Listen here!

09/15/2023 – Jadyn Heckenlively, NWB Marketing Specialist, shares details about activities and engagement at Husker Harvest Days. Listen here!

09/08/2023 – Nathan Mueller with Nebraska Extension shares insight on what producers should consider for planting winter wheat this fall. Listen here!

09/01/2023 – Todd Scholz with the USA Dry Pea & Lentil Council shares about their efforts to get crop insurance for Nebraska dry pea & lentil producers. Listen here!

08/25/2023 – Royce Schaneman, NWB Executive Director, shares his takeaways from the Wheat & Alfalfa Expo held in Crete earlier this week. Listen here!

08/18/2023 – The Nebraska Wheat Board is happy to welcome their 2023-2024 wheat ambassador. Grace Timm discusses her duties as this year’s wheat ambassador. Listen here!

08/11/2023 – Royce Schaneman, NWB Executive Director, shares details about attending the U.S. Wheat Associates Latin American and Caribbean Wheat Buyers’ Conference. Listen here!

08/05/2023 – Dr. Jeff Bradshaw, Director of the Plant Health Program and professor of entomology at UNL provides updates about the Great Plains Wheat Stem Sawfly Survey. Listen here!

07/29/2023 – Chris Cullen discusses the beginning of Nu Horizon Genetics and what they can offer to wheat producers. Listen here!

07/22/2023 – Royce Schaneman, Executive Director for the NWB, shares topics discussed at the recent U.S. Wheat Summer Meeting held in Minneapolis. Listen here!

07/14/2023 – Jadyn Heckenlively, Marketing Specialist for the NWB, shares details about attending NAYI for commodity day. Listen here!

07/07/2023 – As wheat harvest begins, Nebraska Wheat Board Chairman, Mark Knobel, gives an update on yields so far and what to expect as harvest continues. Listen here!

06/30/2023 – Dr. Jeff Bradshaw, entomologist with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, shares more information about the Great Plains Wheat Stem Sawfly Survey. Listen here!

06/24/2023 – Kent Lorens, NWB board member, shares details about the recent Wheat Foods Council summer meeting held in Denver, CO. Listen here!

06/16/2023 – Chelsey Green, Nebraska FCCLA state adviser, shares more about the recent Baking and Pastry workshop with the Home Baking Association in Kearney, NE. Listen here!

06/10/2023 – Amanda Easterly, research assistant professor at High Plains Agricultural Lab in Sidney, NE, shares more information about the University of Nebraska-Lincoln wheat tours across the state. Listen here!

06/02/2023 – Royce Schaneman, Executive Director for the Nebraska Wheat Board, shares details about the two trade teams from Taiwan and the Philippines coming to Nebraska this month. Listen here!

05/26/2023 – Dr. Katherine Frels shares details about the upcoming UNL Wheat Field Day tours. Listen here!

05/20/2023 – Royce Schaneman, Executive Director for the Nebraska Wheat Board, discusses the 2023 Wheat Quality Council’s Winter Wheat Tour. Listen here!

05/13/2023 – Jadyn Heckenlively, Marketing Specialist for the Nebraska Wheat Board, provides more information on the National Yield Contest and the upcoming entry deadline. Listen here!

05/06/2023 – Dr. Katherine Frels, director of the small grains breeding program for the University of Nebraska, shares some key takeaways from her recent trip to Asia with the Wheat Quality Improvement team. Listen here!

04/28/2023 – Nick Streff, the northern plains regional director for the USDA National Agricultural Statistic Service (NASS), discusses the importance of recent USDA data users meeting. Listen here!

04/21/2023 – Tim O’Connor, President of the Wheat Foods Council, shares more about an annual custom chef workshop that highlights culinary innovation and stimulates new thoughts about wheat products. Listen here!

04/14/2023 – Roland Rushman, Chairman of the Nebraska Dry Pea & Lentil Commission, gives updates on this year’s spring planting. Listen here!

04/08/2023 – Jadyn Heckenlively, Marketing Specialist for the Nebraska Wheat Board, shares activities that the NWB provided for FFA students during the Nebraska State FFA Convention. Listen here!

04/01/2023 – Christin Kamm, Communications director of the Nebraska Department of Agriculture and Advisor for NAYC, shares more details about this year’s 2023 NAYI event. Listen here!

03/25/2023 – Royce Schaneman, Executive Director for the Nebraska Wheat Board, recently attended the Transportation Go conference in Omaha, NE. He shares some key topics that were discussed and what opportunities are available for Nebraska. Listen here!

03/18/2023 – Robert Delsing, Nebraska Wheat Board District 1 Board Member, recently spent time in Asia for a marketing and trade wheat conference. He shares some of the main topics that were discussed throughout the trip. Listen here!

03/11/2023 – Nebraska State FFA Vice Presidents Grace Timm, of Creek Valley, and Faith Miller, of Mullen, discuss the upcoming Nebraska State FFA Convention.  Listen here!

03/04/2023 – Jeff Bradshaw, UNL Professor of Entomology, discusses collaboration to find funding to combat the sawfly issue. Listen here!

02/25/2023 – Katherine Frels, the University of Nebraska-Lincoln small grains breeder, attended the Wheat Quality Council meeting on Feb. 22-24 in Olathe, KS. Listen here!

02/18/2023 – Cody Creech, Nebraska Extension Dryland Cropping Systems Specialist, discusses Clearfield and Coaxium on grassy weeds. Listen here!

02/11/2023 – Kent Lorens, Nebraska Wheat Board District 4 Board Member, discusses the recent Foods Council meeting in Austin, TX. Listen here!

02/04/2023 – Mary Eisenzimmer, Nebraska Wheat Board District 3 Board Member, discusses the recent U.S. Wheat Associates and National Wheat Growers Association Joint Winter meeting in Washington D.C. Eisenzimmer reports highlights from the meeting and current issues discussed at the meeting. Listen here!

01/28/2023 – Amanda Easterly, Nebraska Extension Research Assistant Professor, discusses wheat stem sawfly research on reside. Listen here!

01/21/2023 – Dave Green with Wheat Quality Council discusses their work and upcoming meeting. Listen here!

01/14/2023 – New Ag Promotions Coordinator, Taylore Cruise, tells us about herself and the recent trip to Wheat Marketing Center in Portland, OR. Listen here!

01/07/2023 – Mike Moran, Executive Director of the Wheat Marketing Center, discusses the upcoming Nebraska Wheat Board trip to the center and more. Listen here!

12/31/2022 – Royce Schaneman, Executive Director of the Nebraska Wheat Board, discusses upcoming trips to Portland, OR and Washington D.C. Listen here!

12/24/2022 – Jeff Ruggles, President of the Nebraska Wheat Growers Association, talks about current issues and recent meeting. Listen here! 12/17/2022 – Mark Knobel, Chairman of the Nebraska Wheat Board, talks about the recent trade mission to Japan. Listen here!