Nebraska Producers Explore the Wheat Industry in the PNW

Posted on: April 29, 2024   |   Category: NWB

By: Grace Timm; 23-24 Nebraska Wheat Ambassador

The Nebraska Wheat Board, along with the Wheat Marketing Center, hosts growers & individuals in the wheat industry to learn more about wheat exports and marketing. Five individuals attended the most recent Wheat Export & Marketing workshop from January 10-12 in Portland, Oregon. During the workshop, these participants had the opportunity to learn about the work done at the Wheat Marketing Center, providing insight to the broad horizons of the wheat industry.

The group toured different locations including food innovation centers, commercial bakeries, and several research labs. Not only did they observe at each facility, but also participated in hands-on demonstrations in several labs, such as cracker, noodle, and tortilla production.

One of the most highlighted experiences was learning about the export terminals in Oregon, located along the Columbia River. It’s here that they saw tugboats pulling shipping containers containing grains and other oilseeds. Derrick Jesperson found the experience to be useful and informative as a producer.

“Seeing where the wheat actually goes overseas is incredible, plus how much fuel per unit is required to move products by train or truck versus a tugboat.”

For instance, the group learned a tugboat could travel 600 miles to a truck’s 150 miles using the same weight and fuel metrics.

Overall, the 2024 Wheat Export & Marketing Workshop trip was a success. Parker Jessen described the experience as incredible:

“We’re landlocked here in Nebraska, so it’s neat to see how ag works across the country.” Jessen and others on the trip recommend this opportunity to learn about the work and research behind the scenes of wheat.

The Nebraska Wheat Board looks forward to sponsoring the next tour in 2025! To attend the 2025 workshop or for additional information, reach out to the Nebraska Wheat Board office at 402-471-2358 or email